Synlay Cloud offers you back-end key features for your mobile & web application development.
So you can just focus on your apps!

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Synlay Cloud Features

With many users comes great responsibility. We empower you to manage this.

Push it to the limit

With the Push Notification Service you have no limits - neither with the platform (GCM and APN) nor with the number of your Push Notifications.

Security / Authentication
with OAuth 2.0

You want to secure your applications with the latest authentication technology?
We've already implemented it for you!

Data Storage

Save and change your config data in the Cloud Storage.


Identity Verification

Verify mobile Phone Numbers and Email Addresses of your users.

User Management, Surveys per Push, Safari Push and more...

We've already a lot of new and exciting services for you in the pipeline.

Some magic stuff

Seriously... we're working on some stunning features for your mobile applications.

Synlay Cloud is almost beta - stay tuned
or register for a Beta Account!

Push Notifications

Use our Push Notification Service as an easy way to push notifications to your apps, no matter if iOS or Android.

With the Synlay Push Notification Service you're able to send Push Notifications to specific devices; you can target tagged devices, specific platforms or even send messages to all of your user's devices.
Send Rich Text Notifications to manage your customer relationships, inform users about promotions or just entertain them. You have no limits.

Device to Device Push - with no back-end. With the Synlay Cloud you can send messages within your app - straight from one device to another.

Keep an eye on your balance by monitoring your service and setting limits - right within the Synlay Cloud Console.

Authentication and Security

If Security is not just a buzzword for you...

The Authentication Service makes it possible to securely communicate between your apps, back-end and basically all of your HTTP services. It also handles your User registration and authentication process, based on the sophisticated OAuth 2.0 protocol. You don't have to implement it yourself, just use it - with no back-end.

Additionally our cryptography technologies, security measures and the power of European Laws will ensure the security of your data and privacy of your users.

You want to secure your API and define a set of privileges to high level of granularity? Or you just want to make the identity of your users anonymous and secure between your API calls? Then Synlay Auth Service is just the tool for you!

Data Storage

Access every data from everywhere.

Save and change your config data right within the Synlay Cloud Console and access them from everywhere, regardless if it's from your mobile app or even from your own back-end.

Identity Verification

Verify easily Phone Numbers per SMS and Email Addresses by mail.

Having users involves the responsibility to verify their identity. With the Identity Verification Service you can easily verify Phone Numbers and Email Addresses - with no back-end.

What's next

User Management, Surveys per Push, Safari Push and more...

For mobile & web application development you need much more tools.
That's why we are developing much more Services for you. To let you focus on your app.

FAQ / Contact

You have a question? Contact us!

We are distributed systems enthusiasts with a big interest in mobile technologies - whether iOS, Android or Google Glass. We are in permanent brainstorming mode for new techniques, tools and smart ideas.

Synlay Cloud makes your mobile & web application development safer, faster and easier. Some back-end services are hard to maintain. They always need to be updated and adapted to new circumstances. Synlay Cloud will do this for you.

We are working hard everyday to start the beta. Our first services are almost ready to take off. Please be patient and stay tuned.

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